13 Major Web Development Trends

Website development has always been in constant evolution thanks to technology. The internet has something new to offer almost all the time, which requires that websites keep up. However, technology is not the only aspect that influences changes in web development. For instance, human behavior also plays a key role. 

Keep in mind that websites are made for people, which is why user experience (UX) is so crucial in determining how they should be created. The newest and emerging trends in web development can help you understand how they will affect this industry. What’s in It for You?

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You must be prepared to utilise the newest trends as a manager or owner of a firm in order to enhance your website. Being behind might cost your business a lot in the fiercely competitive internet environment. It is reasonable to presume that your main rivals are doing everything they can to keep up.

You can gain the necessary advantage over your competitors by adhering to the most recent trends in web development. Keep in mind that successful business operations depend on websites. In order to maximise engagement and conversion, you need to ensure that your website offers your target audience a fantastic experience.

1. The Minimalist Design Trend

The web development industry is becoming dominated by minimalist design. Here, the creation of a website focuses on user feedback, and developers streamline websites by removing all the material and components that are extraneous.

This trend has two key benefits. Websites load quickly, and visitors have better experiences. Some claim that websites’ flair and visual attractiveness are being stolen by the minimalist design trend. However, the fact that so many leading companies are using minimalist designs demonstrates that the advantages exceed any potential problems. In the end, your decision to go with a minimalist design will rely on the sector of business you are in and the purpose of your website.

2. More Focus on User Experience

Today, creating a website is more about providing consumers with memorable experiences. Developers are employing additional technologies to improve overall UX in place of simple frameworks that produce dull websites. A fantastic illustration is the use of parallax design, where the foreground and backdrop move at various rates. Links are also highlighted so that they are clear to see on computer displays and other smaller screens.

UX is intended to be enhanced by cinemagraphs that highlight particular movements and isolate particular actions in looping frames. They are growing in popularity because, compared to videos, they consume less bandwidth and offer greater variety. Additionally, developers see that they are leaning more and more toward storytelling. This is due to the fact that storytelling keeps viewers hooked to their screens.

3. Interface Improvement for More User Engagement

The growth of website layouts has been significantly affected by the advancement of web design and the internet in general. Developers are increasingly aiming for innovative user interfaces that focus more on being interactive rather than a simple link in the navigation. The user experience is more similar to operating an application than a webpage.

The majority of people today access the internet through their mobile phones, which is the main reason why this website building trend is so popular. Larger links and buttons are a result of the touch screen factor. Responsive design has demonstrated that it is also about making a site simple to navigate, in addition to making sure that it functions properly on smaller displays.

4. Voice Search (Image)

According to Statista’s data, the market for smart speakers will reach a value of around $35.5 billion by 2025. Therefore, it is reasonable to anticipate that more people will use voice search tools like Google Assistant, Google Home, Siri, Alexa, or Cortana. Businesses must focus on voice searches if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Fortunately, there are a few really easy steps that you can take to score highly in voice searches. If you haven’t already, you should first claim your Google My Business listing.

Web Speech API is frequently used by web developers that are knowledgeable in this area to incorporate voice search in various web apps.

5. Extensive Website Scrolling

Close to two decades ago, experts were against long-scrolling and encouraged developers to avoid this path. However, this web development trend has become increasingly popular in recent times, and the credit goes to social media and flat design.

Given the significant number of consumers who use mobile phones to access the online world, you can understand why long scrolling is a major development trend. Now, people browse the internet with their fingers. Most people find it simple to scroll for a long time without having to wait for a page to load after hitting the “next” button. As a result, developers are emphasising extensive scrolling, which is likely to delete many internet pages. This brings up the following trend: lazy loading.

6. Lazy Loading

Although it now appears on most rankings of the top 10 technologies for web development, lazy loading is still a relatively new idea for web developers. In order to improve the effectiveness and loading speed of a website, this approach entails only loading specific components when they are actually required. No matter if it uses a shared server or a reseller hosting account, the idea is applicable to any platform.

All of the website’s components, including its images and text, load simultaneously on typical websites. There may be a delay in loading if the page has several heavy elements. The modern internet consumer requires webpages to load quickly, and lazy loading makes sure of that.

Problems with poor internet connections have been considerably reduced because to this web development trend. In addition, some consumers continue to utilise outdated mobile devices that have trouble loading larger websites. This technology makes sure that just the essential elements load, improving the experience for users of computers and mobile devices instead of attempting to load all aspects.

Keep in mind that more people than typical desktop users use the internet through their mobile devices. As a result, you must not ignore any development component that includes enhancing mobile user experience.

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7. WordPress Development

W3Techs estimates that WordPress powers more than 40% of all websites. WordPress is constantly developing new features to meet the changing requirements of web development. Developers must therefore keep up with the most recent developments. For instance, the Full Site Editing (FSE) functionality is a group of connected capabilities that enables developers to change complete websites using blocks. WordPress 6.0, which was released in May 2022, has additional capabilities.

8. Single-Page Applications 

Single-page applications (SPAs) come in the form of single pages. An SPA loads an entire website first, and then moves to load its dynamic content. Given that waiting for different pages to load can be annoying and time-consuming, SPAs find favor with most consumers because they make way for uninterrupted scrolling.  Popular companies such as Google and Facebook have already demonstrated what SPAs should look and function like. 

The quicker loading times that SPAs offer are a definite advantage. This is because they don’t load/reload complete pages, only the necessary content is updated. In addition, they enable quicker development times, improve user experience, and allow users to benefit from offline caching.

9. Dark UI Mode

The dark mode trend is gradually gaining momentum as a way to enhance a website’s user interface (UI). The fact that dark-themed websites are more user-friendly to surf on a variety of devices is one of the key factors contributing to their popularity. More than 80% of survey participants utilise dark settings on their smartphones, in apps, and pretty much wherever else it’s possible, according to the findings of an Android Authority poll. Additionally, about 10% claimed to fall somewhere in the middle of the two styles.

Several well-known tech companies, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, currently offer consumers the choice of dark mode UIs. Going in this direction has certain clear advantages, such as:

  • Reduces battery use
  • Minimizes blue-light
  • Reduces eye strain in low-light conditions
  • Increases content’s legibility and accessibility


10. Motion UI

One of the reasons motion UI is becoming popular is the demand for richer and more interactive digital experiences. Developers may construct fully responsive websites and apps using Motion UI’s front-end framework, and they can also employ predefined motions in native app settings. They can essentially use this to make various elements bounce, spin, slide, and transition. Developers may employ motion UI almost anywhere on a website, including the header, footer, and drop-down menu, thanks to its compatibility.

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11. Progressive Web Apps

The user experience provided by a progressive web app (PWA) is essentially similar to that of a mobile or native app. When compared to creating a native app, creating a PWA is typically quicker and less expensive, because it performs the same functions as both a website and a native app. Twitter, Pinterest, Uber, and Starbucks are just a few of the well-known companies that already provide PWAs in an effort to improve user experience.

Going the PWA route could be advantageous for any company that wants to improve its online presence for a number of different factors.

PWAs can be quickly accessed by users by adding them to home screens.

They can be accessed by users using a variety of browsers and devices.

They provide you more visibility in search results.

The usage of push notifications enables user retargeting.

Since each page has a distinct URL, distributing them is easy.

12. AI Chatbots

Salesforce data indicates that from 2018 to 2020, marketers’ adoption of AI-enabled technologies surged significantly by 186%. AI chatbots, which are already in use by a number of well-known companies, continue to deliver better performance by utilising information retrieval systems, natural language processing, and machine learning. Through text or voice chats, they assist businesses and enhance customer experience. AI chatbots may gather information, respond to frequently requested inquiries, and address a variety of issues.

13. Data Security

Keep in mind that a website or app becomes more appealing to cybercriminals the more data it contains. Therefore, high levels of security are provided by or supported by the best online technologies. There are, thankfully, techniques to protect digital data.

Security testing : Even though it sounds simple, it includes performing security tests during the development phase. Testing is still essential after every modification.

Tools for monitoring websites: Website monitoring systems that use algorithms are skilled at keeping track of all requests and spotting irregular behaviour. The majority of these technologies offer timely notifications.

Encryption: It is crucial to encrypt sensitive data so that fraudsters cannot access it, even if they manage to get into your website or app.

Artificial intelligence: AI-powered systems are already capable of running biometric fingerprint and retina scans. Some businesses also use AI-based security software to analyze behavioral patterns with the aim of detecting suspicious activity in real-time. 

Blockchain: When data is kept in one location, cybercriminals can steal it quite easily. Your data can be stored in a decentralised database using blockchain, making hacking considerably more difficult. This is because it is each user’s responsibility to verify the data, and any modifications can only be made with everyone’s consent. Furthermore, DNS decentralisation, where data is dispersed among a large number of nodes, can be advantageous for large businesses that are threatened by DDoS attacks.


What was popular in web development a few years ago might no longer be relevant because trends are always shifting. Knowing the main trends in website building is essential for web developers so that their clients are never let down. As a business owner or manager, you should try to choose a web development company that keeps up with technological advancements.

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