About Us

Bridging the GAP between business & technology

Who we are

Website 96%
Mobile Apps 90%
Design 82%
WordPress 91%
Cloud Services 78%

We are a digital transformation consultancy and software company that delivers cutting edge solutions for complex business problems, in multiple industry sectors including education, retails, fitness, construction and more.

Our vast technology and industry experience enables us to focus on latest internet technologies with the aim to develop scalable, secure and easy-to-use web applications that work across multiple devices. Since 2015 we have been helping our clients reimagine their business through digitalisation.

We live and breathe tech.

We can help you make your next project incredible

We work on certain ethics and our development process is a reflection of the same, we bring you unparalleled quality stuff and highly functional websites and applications.

We understand how important time is for our clients, and we gauge our speed in accordance to it, now don’t wait for your web projects and web products because we deliver you before time.

Take control of your projects, and guide us with your wonderful insights as per your needs.

Get an uninterrupted and seamless connect with our designers, developers and project managers, our development process seeks your active engagement because you are truly an inspiration.

Core Values


We believe in proactively taking initiatives and going the extra mile, which in turn is reflected in the quality of our work.


Creative juices run in our blood. We have created a niche for ourselves by constantly challenging the status quo with our unconventional thought processes.


While each of us individually may not have the answer in its entirety, we put our minds together to work through problems and deliver a complete solution to our stakeholders.


GreySlate Technologies employs the best minds in the industry, who bring the right mix of technical know-how, industry experience and innovation to help identify effective and efficient solutions for complex business challenges.


We believe in the accurate and timely disclosure of information and insights for collaborative decision making which makes our work well- renowned in the industry.


We derive a sense of fulfillment from delivering and maintaining the highest standards of work that are in line with the best of current industry trends.


Our reliability is the yardstick on which our performance is evaluated. Our commitment on timely deliveries helps ensure that we remain the best possible choice for our customers.

Our Process

How we do it?

We protect your idea

We start every project by signing NDA, to keep your intellectual wealth secure, no compromising with proprietorship on your idea.

In-Depth Consultation

Make us a participant in your journey- trust us with your idea, your enterprise requirements, engage with us in deep discussions.

Planning, Analysis & prototype

We never start unprepared, ultimate analysis of market and sublime strategies are formulated to make a prototype of your project to begin with.

Design: User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

With concern to your futuristic needs, we make strikingly beautiful and responsive applications and websites that captures high user engagement.

Rapid Agile Development

With your active engagement and our experience, we manage to bring you highly functional apps and websites within no time.

Testing and Quality Assurance

No app and website pass by uninspected, extensive test and ameliorations are done to give you only the best of the best.

Deployment & Final Launch

We seamlessly launch your apps and websites by integrating it with advance technology, to give you unparalleled experience of high-rated technology.

Support & Maintenance

We work with you throughout your app cycle, we welcome your problems and issues and deploy an expert team to help you maintain app experience.


We turn ideas into products

Let’s get your idea rolling.

Call us, mail us or let’s discuss your project over a cup of coffee.